La Perle de Grande Valeur

La Perle de Grande Valeur vous aide à communiquer le véritable concept biblique de la prospérité à travers 35 histoires bibliques pour adultes qui peuvent être racontées encore et encore.

The Marks of a Disciple

This Bible study walks through the 6 marks of a disciple of Jesus. It is a journey through scripture examining what a transformed heart, mind, affections, will, relationships and purpose look like in the life of those who follow Christ. It is a great resource for personal reflection, as a discipleship tool for new believers and for churches.

True Prosperity: A Bible Study for the African Church

Africans are often ruled by their fears of the physical world and spiritual forces. They know sickness and death, lack and loss. and the prosperity gospel scams them with a chance for a better life. These 30 Bible study lessons counter the prosperity gospel by presenting the biblical idea of flourishing.

A Biblical Guide for Marriage in Africa

When surveying the state of marital relationships in Africa, things look good on the outside, but there are fractures below the surface. The African church and African continent need a biblical theology of marriage that is appropriately and contextually applied. If homes are broken, then that brokenness will extend to every aspect of African society.