My Community

Our lives are lived in communities – our families, friends, neighborhoods, markets, schools, workplaces. Everywhere we go, we are ambassadors of Jesus Christ. We share His love and grace with others as we live out His ways in front of others. Our marriages, work habits, and community involvement will look radically different from those around us who do not follow Him. These resources help us understand how to live in community according to God’s Word.  

The Marks of a Disciple

This Bible study walks through the 6 marks of a disciple of Jesus. It is a journey through scripture examining what a transformed heart, mind, affections, will, relationships and purpose look like in the life of those who follow Christ. It is a great resource for personal reflection, as a discipleship tool for new believers and for churches.

A Biblical Guide for Marriage in Africa

When surveying the state of marital relationships in Africa, things look good on the outside, but there are fractures below the surface. The African church and African continent need a biblical theology of marriage that is appropriately and contextually applied. If homes are broken, then that brokenness will extend to every aspect of African society.

True Love Waits

True Love Waits contains a series of lessons that challenge youth to follow God’s plan for sex and marriage in a delightful and inspiring way.

Palliative Care Curriculum

This program can be used to teach caregivers to provide quality care to seriously ill and terminally ill patients. It focuses on nutrition, hygiene, comfort, pain relief, and support for family members, and includes a guide for sharing the gospel with those who are suffering.

God’s Gift for Marriage

Children should learn about sex from parents and church leaders, not from the media and friends. This sex education tool is presented as a series of dialogues between a mother and daughter.