Africa Theology Series

The Africa Theology Series is a book set of 16 volumes designed to serve as an African pastoral resource library. This series includes volumes in biblical, systematic, and applied theology. Each book is co-authored by experienced missionaries and African authors and is contextualized to meet the needs of the local African pastor.

Each volume follows the Know-Be-Do model, seeking to move the reader from theological foundations (Know) to cultural implications (Be), then finally to practical applications (Do). Another unique feature is the series’ interaction with other major worldviews/religions, including Islam, African Traditional Religion, Roman Catholicism, and Neo-Pentecostalism. While each volume interconnects with the others to form a cohesive library, each can also stand on its own as it addresses a specific topic or doctrine.

Feel free to download, print, and distribute these books. Be sure to check back in the future as other volumes in this series will be uploaded in the days to come.

English Series

Série Française

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